UPDATE: Demon Dog Peeker Pin


It is important to me that I keep you all updated when it comes to designs that I have up for pre-order, especially if it may affect you or orders that you’ve placed.

As you may have seen, I received Shinobu the other day and she is beautiful. I am so happy with how she turned out, and some Butterfly Girls are on their way to their new homes as we speak. 

I also received Demon Dog God yesterday! It’s so exciting to see a concept you imagined turning into a creation you hold in your hands, and that was definitely the case with  Demon Dog God, who I adore.
He looks amazing - but he is missing an eyebrow! It’s such a small detail, but one that I simply can’t overlook. See photo above.

I contacted my manufacturer immediately after I noticed, and they are remaking them for me with extra high priority so they can send him to me ASAP. For full transparency, I asked how long it would be for the  Demon Dog God remakes to be completed. My manufacturer said ten days, which is amazing! I know of other manus that have longer wait times for remakes, so I feel much better knowing that my pins are in good hands and that I can get Sesshomaru to everyone waiting on him soon. 

I’m really sorry for the extended wait if you’ve ordered  Demon Dog God, but I promise I will keep you in the loop!

Thank you so much for your support!


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